Welcome To Our Campus

Kariobangi Women Promotion Training Institute (KWPTI) was founded by The Comboni Missionary Sisters in 1992. The institution rose up as an answer to the high number of young women in the area that were coming for assistance and seeking refuge at the Holy Trinity, Catholic Church.  These young women majority were pregnant and without any support. They opted either to give away the babies once they were born or even contemplating abortion.  The Comboni Sisters of that time saw the need of empowering these women with some skills that will help them to earn some income and be self-reliant in the near future, and more so they gave them human and spiritual assistance in order to successfully complete their pregnancy.

So from the onset KWPTI was created as an assistance project for the most vulnerable, in this case the women and the children, offering formal education to young women in the area, giving access to a holistic training in Catering, Dressmaking and Hairdressing & Beauty.

Inside KWPTI
KWPTI entrance door

The main income for the running of KWPTI was based on donations received by various parishes and friends from abroad and these offerings and donations have really reduced due to various reasons. The major one was the economic crisis that hit Europe few years ago, and of late the Covid 19 Pandemic that has affected the entire globe. This has necessitated KWPTI to brainstorm on viable income generating projects that will not only enable the centre to be self sustainable but also create decent jobs for it’s staff.


KFR operations will be coordinated from our offices located in Kamunde Rd, off Outering Rd, within the compound of Holy Trinity Catholic Church at Kariobangi North, Nairobi, Kenya. The restaurant however will be situated 200 meters away next to Watoto wetu centre.

KWPTI is a non-profit oriented training school situated in Kariobangi an area with a very high percentage of youth who are idle and in search of ways to getting an income. The population is mainly composed of people who migrated from the rural areas searching for jobs to improve their way of living. The majority of them are young people from different tribes and cultural backgrounds. They are socio-economically, culturally and politically disadvantagedMany of them are young women who easily get manipulated and prone to engage in illegal activities to meet their daily needs.

To help them to grow in self-confidence, enabling them to face the different challenges they find in their daily living and to grow in freedom and responsibility. The reason for choosing women as target group is because we consider that in the informal settlements women are still the most vulnerable.


  • We have qualified tutors in all the departments who are committed to their duties.
  • Previously the School is registered under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology as a TIVET Institution, so the trainees are able to apply for the KNEC or NITA examinations.
  • Now we are registered under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority TVETA.
  • 80 to 85% of our students are employed or self-employed and are able to support themselves and their families.
  • We charge a relatively low school fees as we sources for some funds from outside
  • Besides, we offer free baby-care for the mothers who have no one at home to take care of their small children while they come to study.